Add some magic to your grow with Plant Magic Nutrients

Growing is an art form—but it needn’t be complicated. A straightforward process. Products you can trust. Consistent results. That’s Plant Magic.

Each product in the Plant Magic nutrients range targets a specific phase of your grow providing just what your plants need to develop their natural taste and aroma. We test every formula on our in-house grows and check every batch to ensure quality. If it’s not up to scratch, we simply don’t ship it. But it’s not just about what’s in the bottle. Our free guidance, resources and advice explain how and why our products work, not just which ones to use.

All of our products are optimised for British water profiles and balanced for maximum yield.

Our PhD-level biochemists select the highest quality raw materials.

We’ve been in the business for 15 years, and we know what delivers the best results.

Featured Products


Products by Type

Base nutrients

Our base nutrients provide the perfect balance in order to form a solid foundation for healthy plant growth.


Root health

Our root stage boosters will ensure a large healthy root mass and exceptionally strong growth.



Our additives are a must for all growers and of course are made from the highest quality ingredients.


Bloom Boosters

Our range of bloom boosters have been specifically created to give outstanding results.


Old Timer Organic

Old Timer Organic range produces exceptional natural flavour, health and plant productivity.



Our media will suit different growing needs, specifically formulated for brilliant results.


Knowledge Centre

Whether you’re an expert who already has a thriving crop of healthy plants. Or you’re trying to grow your very first hydroponic harvest, Plant Magic’s in-house expert Old Timer is here to help. From FAQ’s to useful guides, he provides the information you need to grow the strong and healthy crops you’ve always wanted.