Get Switched On With Evolution 2.0 Foliar Spray

Salutations, my esteemed growers! Old Timer at your service. Today we’re going to present to you, the unparalleled, Evolution 2.0! Foliar Spray and all-round plant invigorator.

Evolution 2.0 isn’t merely a foliar spray. It’s a beacon of botanical advancement, a marvel of modern horticulture. You can spray at your leisure. Our Plant Magic Evolution 2.0 contains a superior wetting agent that has been meticulously engineered to allow you to foliar spray with the lights on or off.

Additionally, it’s a rejuvenator for weary plants. It accelerates vegetative growth and encourages new shoots, along with increasing that luscious green colour we all desire.

When the leaves require more nitrogen, or seek a tonic to recover from a deficiency, Evolution 2.0 stands vigilant, no dilution required, ready to help replace the required elements. 

Our Evolution 2.0 foliar spray will give you the confidence in every phase of plant growth to achieve the bountiful benefits you desire.

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