Get more from your grow with Magne-Cal+

As growers, we want the highest quality and tastiest crops. To achieve this, we can’t stop at just meeting the basic nutritional needs of our grows. Utilising additives in your grow unlocks the hidden potential within your plants. However, there’s an additive that stands above the competition, one that enables you to get more from your grows. That additive is Magne-Cal+.

What are additives?

An additive is a nutrient that’s designed to enhance key aspects of plant development. This differs from base nutrients which are designed to maintain a steady and healthy growth & bloom pattern. Additives enhance select aspects of plant development such as bloom, root growth and oil production. This makes additives ideal for growers who want to elevate their grows.

Advantages of using additives:

  • Nutrient Balance: Additives allow you to dial in the balance of your nutrients to the specific needs of your plants.
  • Supplementation: Additives can contain essential micronutrients that may not be fully included within your base nutrients and media. This makes them an ideal supplement option for your plants.
  • Strengthens Plants: Some additives include vitamins and minerals which increases plants ability to withstand environmental fluctuations, pests, or diseases.
  • Nutrient Uptake: Additives can contribute to effective nutrient utilisation. This means minimising nutrient waste and maximising benefits to your plants.
  • pH: Some additives include pH stabilisers that maintain an optimal pH range in your media. This is important when it comes to nutrient availability and uptake.

Why use a Cal-Mag?

A Cal-Mag is an additive comprised primarily of calcium and magnesium, two essential macronutrients for your grow.

Calcium plays a big role in vegetative growth, amplifying vigour and strength. Additionally, calcium is a fundamental component for cell wall development as it contributes to strength and rigidity.

Magnesium, on the other hand amplifies photosynthesis. It’s also involved in energy transfer within the plant and stress response and resistance to external factors.

Cal-Mag supplements are particularly useful when the growing media lacks these essential elements or when using soft water. As without calcium or magnesium in your plants’ diet, your plant won’t develop to its full potential.

Get more from your grow with Magne-Cal+

Plant Magic understands that their growers want to provide the best for their plants. It’s because of this that we constantly develop the highest quality nutrients for your grow. Magne-Cal+ is no exception. It provides all the benefits of a standard Cal-Mag but also contains additional trace elements and macro-nutrients, meaning you get more from your grows by using Magne-Cal+ instead of a traditional Cal-Mag.

More Health

Adding Magne-Cal+ to your plant’s diet won’t only improve overall plant health, but it will also act as an insurance for your plants. This is because Magne-Cal+ doesn’t just treat deficiencies, it also prevents them. This means that you can and should integrate Magne-Cal+ throughout your entire growth cycle to invigorate and protect your grows.

More Quality

Part of the Magne-Cal+ secret lies in its trace elements. Including iron, boron, manganese, copper, molybdenum, and zinc. These trace elements boost the nutrient uptake of your plants, which in turn increases the effectiveness of other additives and boosters! With Magne-Cal+ you can expect a higher PK efficiency as well. This all adds up to better flavour, greener leaves, and more product from your plant.

More Uptake

As the name would suggest, Magne-Cal+ contains high quality magnesium, a big player when it comes to photosynthesis. Including Magne-Cal+ into your nutrient diet means that your chlorophyll production will increase. Increasing your chlorophyll production will result in increased photosynthesis. Ultimately, better photosynthesis translates to better yields and flavour.

More Value

Magne-Cal+ uses a lower dose per litre. In the long term Magne-Cal+ will last longer and save you more!

More Yield

Because Magne-Cal+ increases the nutrient uptake of your plants, they will grow stronger. In turn, their increased strength means they can grow to greater sizes. With a bigger plant you will get more yield from the same crop, just by including Magne-Cal+ into your nutrient diet!