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Base Nutrients

Hydro, soil and coco nutrients are well known for providing plants and flowers with everything they need to thrive.

Why you should choose our Base Nutrients:

  • Our products are enriched with premium grade humates.
  • Trace elements can be found in all our fertilisers.
  • Magnesium and calcium are both present in our nutrients.
  • Our products do not suffer from lock out.
  • Our fertilisers are specially designed for UK water, so your pH levels will remain remarkably stable as your grow your plants.

Top tips: when you are using advanced coco nutrients, make sure that you soak your coco media before using it. Ideally, you should apply a ¾ or full strength feed until you start to see any run off. If you do this, your plants will have plenty of nutrients to feed on.

When using soil nutrients, always bear in mind that your soil should be 25% water. Plants thrive in soil that contains the right amount of fertiliser and water, but it is possible to drown your plants by adding too much. If your soil looks like it comprises of more than 25% water, try to drain it off as soon as possible.