The History of Evolution

History of Evolution

In Greek myth, the phoenix was a creature of transformation. Legend has it that a phoenix would live 500 years, before building a nest and setting it ablaze. From the flames a new phoenix would rise, reborn and transformed, ready for a new cycle. At Plant Magic we have recently gone through a similar transformation. We’ve taken the best parts of our old formulas and presented them in a revamped packaging. However, like the phoenix, there is a particular product that has gone through multiple transformation, each better than the last. That product is Evolution 2.0.

Humble Beginnings

Before we reached Evolution 2.0, there were multiple iterations of Evolution. Each with its own characteristics. However, before we can talk about Evolution as we know it today, we’ll have to talk about its predecessors:

Plant Magic used to sell these 3 amazing products separately. However, in 2011 the scientists at our lab formulated a harmonious blend that would bring these products together.

By incorporating the boosting and bolstering aspects of Veg Boost and Catalyst with the wetting agent properties of Bio Wetter, Evolution was born. A 3in1 ready to use foliar spray (read more about that here!).


Designed to be user-friendly and a ready to use foliar spray. Packed with seaweed and humic acids, it stimulated growth, nutrient absorption, and photosynthesis. This made it ideal for plants suffering from deficiencies, especially nitrogen deficiencies.

Evolution also comes in handy when propagating.  Its benefits include the production of extra shoots and leaves that can be taken as cuttings, which you can then spray to boost once they’ve rooted.

Because it’s so easy to use, it’s an amazing way to get familiar with additives. After you see the benefits of including additives in your grows, you’ll want to try out the rest of the range!


Rise of the Phoenix

Evolution took off. It was a hit with our growers, but we weren’t satisfied. At Plant Magic, we strive to produce the best, and with Evolution, we knew something was missing. Like the Phoenix, it was time for another transformation. As you’ll know by now, foliar sprays don’t work as intended when used with the lights on as it could cause leaf burn, a highly damaging outcome. As growers ourselves, we know how inconvenient and annoying that can be. Especially for those of us working with a 18/6 light cycle. So, in 2021, we went back to the drawing board and put our thinking caps on.

We knew we wanted to keep the tried and tested boosting and bolstering elements of Evolution intact. So, we turned our gaze to the wetting agent in a quest to bring Evolution into the light. To achieve such a goal, we would have to upgrade our wetting agent to a higher standard. Our search brought us to the realisation that no other product on the market had really achieved such a goal. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. It took a lot of trial and error, but in the end, we developed a product that set us apart.

Evolution 2.0

Evolution had come to its end, so Evolution 2.0 could rise in its stead. A pioneer in its realm, a true lights on foliar spray. No longer would you have to worry about waiting till lights off to spray your plants. With Evolution 2.0 you can spray your plants at any time of day, whenever is convenient to you!

At Plant Magic our growers are our priority, and that means empowering them with greater control over their grows. By offering a lights on spray, our growers regain the freedom of spraying at their convenience. The best part is that this inclusion does not hinder any of the benefits that you previously received!

A New Look

Even though we strive to bring our growers the highest quality nutrients, we won’t just stop there. Our motto is quality, and that includes how our products perform, but also how they look. Back in May 2022, we decided it was time to modernise our range with a new look. We brought in a revamped visual identity and feel to the Plant Magic brand. Something that would set us apart from the other products on the shelf. Our products were up to scratch, it was time that they looked the part.

Evo 2.0 Redesign

Introducing a new sleek design with colour coded ranges, the difference was night and day. However, by oversimplifying the look, some of our products lost their unique characteristics that made them easily identifiable.

We also took the opportunity to discontinue Veg boost, Bio wetter and Catalyst. After all, they were now built into the Evolution formula. This enabled us to simplify our range, less bottles, more benefits and better value for money.

Plant Magic Joins Global Air Supplies

In December 2022, we joined the industry leading manufacturer and distributor, Global Air Supplies. Because of our joint passion for continuous improvement, we went out to customers and retailers to gain feedback on everything Plant Magic. You gave us your feedback and we heard you loud and clear and got back to work.

In September 2023 we rolled out the fruits of our labour and we think it’s paid off. We’ve kept the ranges easily identifiable with their respective logos but gave each product its own colour to distinguish them (making spotting your favourite product on the shelf easier). Plant Magic Evolution 2.0 is no exception, now easily identifiable through its deep turquoise label.

Evolution 2.0 Rebrand

Like the phoenix, Plant Magic Evolution 2.0 has gone through many cycles, and with them, gone through a lot of changes. It might look different, but rest assured it’s the same product you’ve come to love and know over the years. Always improving, and never compromising any of the benefits. Even though our products might look different, rest assured that our tried and tested formulae remain indomitable and unchanged.

Interested in more information about Evolution 2.0? We’ve got plenty more content in our Knowledge Centre.

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